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My name is Ben Budd.  I am an advocate of helping provide professional inspections for, quite possibly, the largest investment of your life.  I identify safety and functional deficiencies of a property for the possible buyer, seller, and realtor to ease their peace of mind. 


I was a former restaurant manager with nothing but that career on my mind.  That is until my wife and I bought our first home.  The process was horrible and scary.  Our home inspector breezed through the inspection and did not identify a multitude of problems.  These items should have been reported.  My wife and I probably would have not bought that home if we were informed correctly.  

My goal is to bridge the buyer and realtor bond by giving a detailed home inspection.  I want my clients and there realtors to have peace of mind about the home they are investing in. 


FABI Certified

120 Hours of ICA Certification

Bachelor of Science - State University of West Georgia

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We are proudly insured by The Hartford Group

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